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The Duqm Refinery scholarships will prepare Omani high school students to join leading higher educational institutions both locally and abroad. Strong preparation through quality college education in various disciplines will ensure a continuous flow of high caliber Omani graduates entering the job market in Duqm over the next few years.

International Scholarships

International Scholarships are offered under the scheme of the Takatuf Scholars Program. This program has more than a 100 young Omanis enrolled in leading international boarding school and universities. To find out more about eligibility requirements and to apply, visit the Takatuf Scholars Program website at .
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Local Scholarships

More than 100 scholarships to local higher education institutions will be announced over the next three years. The first set of scholarships will be offered to deserving students in 2019.
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Scholarship recipients will be decided based on a rigorous selection process that will assess their English language proficiency and their cognitive and non-cognitive abilities.

Aspirants will also need to meet the admission requirements of leading higher education institutions in Oman as set by them and advertised through their materials and the Higher Education Admission Centre for the year of admission.

Priority for these scholarships will be offered to students from Al Wusta governorate.

To support the students with their English proficiency, an after school English program will be offered to high achiever students in Duqm.